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Our business blog shares articles about business management, we share insights and tips to help you learn, prosper & grow with expert business advice from an accomplished CEO. We focus on all things business and growth. We'll be your business mentor, educating you on many business topics.

"Being in business can be a lonely journey. I know, because I've been there myself. So, here in the CEO HQ Blog, I share valuable pieces of information and tips and tricks I have learnt along the way in the hope you can avoid making the same mistakes I've made." - Caroline Kennedy

Build a business and a life you love

How to Build a Business and a Life You Love!

By Caroline Kennedy | Feb 15, 2017 |

Design Your Life – Build A Thriving Business & A Life You Love! Imagine sitting drinking those cocktails, I bet you’d be loving life! Nobody ever said running your own business would be easy. But that’s not why we do it. We start our businesses because we’re passionate about something. Too often this passion falls…


How to Set Goals to Achieve Results and Growth

By Caroline Kennedy | Dec 23, 2016 |

Grow your business to create a business and a life you love! Goals are exciting, daunting, and necessary things. Business growth and success depends on them. So if you don’t know what your goals are, it’s time to clarify them and create a plan. An expert business mentor can help you achieve the best results…

Business Mentor

How to Boost Your Business With A CEO HQ Business Mentor

By Caroline Kennedy | Dec 23, 2016 |

3 Reasons A CEO HQ Business Mentor Will Boost Your Business   Businesses undeniably benefit from having a CEO at the helm. The expertise of an executive is valuable, but costly. As a CEO myself, I understand the importance of guidance and mentorship in business. It is through the constant support and advice from my…

Innovative Leader

How to Become an Innovative Leader

By Caroline Kennedy | Nov 10, 2016 |

How to Become an Innovative Leader Non-innovation companies don’t prioritise innovation. For these organisations, it’s a challenge to understand innovation, so they find it difficult to make it a priority. Innovative companies have one thing in common. Innovation is a priority, initiated by the leader of the organisation. Innovation is integral to remaining relevant as…

Business Goals

How to Focus on Preparation and Planning to Achieve Your Business Goals.

By Caroline Kennedy | Nov 4, 2016 |

  How to Focus on Preparation and Planning to Achieve Your Business Goals. To begin with the end in mind, and work backwards, means you have complete clarity and direction on reaching your destination. The tips below will help you focus on improving your strategic planning, to increase sales and profit. Don’t just ’work smart’,…

Business Consultant Services

Business Consultant Services. Focusing on How to Grow Your Business

By Caroline Kennedy | Nov 2, 2016 |

  Executive Business Consultant Services. Focusing On How To Grow Your Business. Managing a business can be hard, especially if you are a business owner doing it all alone. When I talk to my clients who are business owners and I ask them, “Why don’t you spend time working ‘ON’ your business rather than ‘IN’…

How to spot when your employee is about to leave

How to Spot When Your Employee is About to Leave

By Caroline Kennedy | Oct 25, 2016 |

How to spot when your employee is about to leave.  Your top performing employees are one of your biggest assets in business. It is invaluable to be able to recognise when an employee is about to jump ship. If you have identified, that employees are getting ready to leave. You also need to check why…

Get Clear on Your Mission, Vision and Purpose for Growth

Get Clear on Your Mission, Vision and Purpose for Growth

By Caroline Kennedy | Oct 20, 2016 |

Get Clear on Your Mission, Vision and Purpose for Growth I am curious as to what stops business owners writing a business plan, a roadmap to their goals. You’ll find that every successful business has a well-documented strategy in place, so why don’t many businesses plan for growth? The business owners I talk to about…

Grow my business

How to grow my business?

By Caroline Kennedy | Sep 21, 2016 |

You’re constantly thinking about, how do I grow my business? It just feels all too hard sometimes. Managing a business can be hard, and sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be. We overthink everything, we worry too much about the staff, but we don’t give focus where it’s needed. You’re constantly thinking,…

Authentic in business

Should You Be Authentic In Business?

By Caroline Kennedy | Sep 19, 2016 |

  Do you ever feel like you are putting on your work face? I spent the last 20 years in large businesses, and over time I felt like I was wearing a mask. The masks formed part of what I believe was expected of me, how I was to behave and interact with people. A…

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