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3 Reasons A CEO HQ Business Mentor Will Boost Your Business


Businesses undeniably benefit from having a CEO at the helm. The expertise of an executive is valuable, but costly. As a CEO myself, I understand the importance of guidance and mentorship in business. It is through the constant support and advice from my own expert team that I achieved my success. And I understand how challenging the climb to success can be. My key philosophy has been to surround myself with valuable minds. I sought out leaders in their field who knew what I didn’t, and had experience to share. Learning from my mentors helped me to realise my goals. Since then I have spent 20 years as a leader and CEO of two large multinational businesses.


Entrepreneurs and business owners understand the importance of having a CEO. And I have always been sympathetic to business owners who express their regret over being unable to afford one. Discussing this challenge with business owners led me to develop the idea of the CEO HQ. At CEO HQ we provide guidance and advice from accomplished CEOs for a price suitable for small and medium sized businesses. We help businesses succeed with the mentorship you need to thrive in your industry.

There are several reasons to hire a CEO HQ Business Mentor:

Access Expertise and a Fresh Perspective

Taking advice from others in business can be risky if they aren’t qualified to give it. Plenty of business coaches and advisors offer services claiming to accomplish results which they may not have achieved themselves. An CEO HQ mentor is someone who is a prominent figure in their industry and has demonstrated success in business. Their advice is based not only on theory but on priceless experience. They’ve kept up with market trends for years, and have a network of connections to exchange ideas. A great CEO is someone who has led a business through challenges and delivered measurable successful outcomes.
Running your own business often means you are in the thick of things. This can be great - you know your product or service and your customers well. However, sometimes this makes it hard to see the forest for the trees. A fresh perspective is a valuable asset in business. And it’s important that it’s a well-informed one. An experienced executive can identify areas which you need to focus on and help you see the bigger picture. A business mentor will help you to flesh out your ideas and come up with your own innovations by teaching you how to think about problems. One of the best things an experienced executive mentor can do for your business is to show you how to tackle obstacles head on and turn them into opportunities.

Improve Skills and Raise Revenue

A CEO HQ business mentor with proven success is a must-have resource for any business. They know what to consider and which questions to ask. An executive advisor can show you how to optimise your resources and employees to make the most of your budget. Including projecting for the future and making suitable plans. They can teach you how to assess the benefits of investing in new technology and training compared with the costs, and identify any opportunities to utilise your current resources more efficiently. Everyone makes mistakes in business, but you can minimise yours by following the guidance of someone who has been there before. An experienced executive has a multitude of skills and wisdom to pass on.

Applying these skills will provide tangible benefits for your business. By following and adapting to the advice of a business mentor, you can focus your efforts in exactly the right areas. A survey by MicroMentor reports that mentored businesses increased their revenue by 83%. This figure is drastically higher than non-mentored businesses, who, in the same study raised their income by only 16%. Another survey found that 99% of respondents achieved tangible success with a mentor. This was accompanied by reports of a 53% increase in productivity and a 22% increase in bottom line profitability. Hiring an experienced executive is clearly a worthy investment. A Virtual Executive business mentor can deliver these benefits for your business.

Adopt the Attitude of Success

Successful executives know what it takes to make it to the top. They have done it. It’s easy to feel the pressure of running a business and worrying about every little thing. Working excessive hours can cloud your judgement and exhaustion makes it tempting to avoid analysing your figures. You probably know that you need to work smarter, not necessarily harder, but it’s easier said than done. The great thing about having a Virtual Executive business mentor on your team is that by following their example and practising their advice, you will begin to embody an attitude of success. Gradually you will understand their way of thinking, and how to feel confident, empowered, and ambitious in everything you do.
Including a CEO HQ business mentor on your team is an ideal strategy to improve your business. Setting and achieving goals together means that both you and your business will grow and thrive.

Access all of the benefits of your very own expert CEO by engaging a CEO HQ business mentor today.

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