How to Create a Business and Life You Love!

How to Create a business and a life you love!

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your business? Have you lost your passion for what you do? Our founder Caroline Kennedy, shares her tips and advice on how to create a business and a life you love!

A podcast listener recently asked, “I feel like I’m working really long hours, and not getting anywhere” I’ve lost motivation for my business and it all seems too hard. Do you have any tips on how I can love my business again? I recorded my tips and advice which focuses on harnessing the practice of being present daily in your business and focusing on your daily actions as opposed to the outcome or results, which is future based. The outcomes and results are important, but they are the goal the end game, every action you take today is working towards the result or goal.

The second shift is ensuring you get really clear on your purpose and your values. Think about, are you living your purpose? What gets you out of bed each day? Are you doing that? Are you in an environment that aligns with your values? If your environment, miss aligns with your values, this can cause a huge ripple effect of stress and unhappiness.

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