Ep 25. How to enhance business performance with Bruce Nixon

enhance business performance


Enhance business performance, with Bruce Nixon 

As CEO of Holocentric, an Australian technology company, Bruce is fiercely passionate in his belief that companies can achieve greater performance by better understanding how people, process and technology come together to meet strategic objectives as well as regulatory obligations.

Holocentric has assisted some of Australia’s largest organisations to implement Holocentric’s innovative BMS platform, which uses bespoke modelling software to provide clarity and accountability over all facets of operations. Holocentric's clients include the Australian Tax Office, Westpac, Qantas, Western Power, UGL Services, Iceland Air and IP Australia.

In this episode we delve into:

  • Holocentric and their innovative BMS platform.
  • Bruce shares with us how their BMS platform can help smaller companies compete against multinationals.
  • Bruce stated that 70% of organisational change initiatives fail. Bruces shares his thoughts on the high failure rate and why they fail.
  • Bruce shares with us his tips on what you can do to prevent the failure.
  • In a recent article, Bruce stated that more than nine out of 10 Australian chief executives believe technology presents the biggest transforming trend for their business, according to PwC’s 17th Annual Global CEO Survey. That belief is not translating to a country of innovative pioneers. He shares his thoughts with us...
    Caroline tells the story about how she once witnessed a business decline because of lack of relevance, as the market was disrupted with technology. Luckily, the company was agile, executed a strategy to turn around the decline. Technology was a key component of the strategy. This experience taught Caroline a few things; however, the relevant one here is IT and technology are enablers for businesses, and as such an essential component of any strategy. But most importantly not managed by a 3rd party who are not key stakeholders in the business. Caroline asks Bruce to share his thoughts on the subject.
  • Bruce shares with us his top 3 tips for leaders regarding innovation?
  • Bruce shares how he sees technology and the market evolve over the next decade.
  • If you are interested in punching above your weight, Bruce reveals the three most important tips for making this happen.
Sit back, listen, and we hope you take home one or two of Bruce Nickson's gold nuggets.

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