Ep 28. Long road to the top with Joel Norton CEO of Kalido.

Joel Norton CEO of Kalido


The journey to the top for Joel Norton hasn’t been what you would usually expect of a CEO. Having worked his way up from the very bottom, Joel attributes his success not to formal education but rather to experience.

Starting his career as a marketing consultant in 1988, Joel has been on the long road to the top progressing through different roles at varying companies from General Manager to CMO and finally to CEO of Kalido, a major business within the ASX listed IVE Group with a turnover in excess of $600 million, gaining immense experience on the way.

In our interview we delve into:

Joel believes a tertiary education is not essential in reaching the top spot of CEO, and in fact, he believes his journey means he is a better CEO than many others who have traded in education for experience.

Joel shares the challenges he faced building his career.

As the CEO understanding, every aspect of the business is so important. Joel shares his advice on how to have visibility across the board in your business.

Joel shares his recommendations for leaders who have not had exposure to varied facets of a business.

The numbers, the financial elements in business are pretty significant, Joel shares how he gained insights into mastering the numbers.

We see fear, particularly fear around making mistakes, hold a lot of people back. However, from mistakes and failing comes huge learnings and growth. Joel shares his views on the fear of failing in business.

The quality of leadership and the leaders within a business has a direct impact on the success of a business. Joel shares with us how he prioritises leadership development.

Joel shares what he believes are the critical elements to leadership.

We see many businesses struggle with prioritising working “on” the business rather than “in” the business. Joels shares how he priorities his focus.

At CEO HQ we believe that its’ the people who make a business, your employees and your customers, without them you don’t have a business. Joel shares with us how he ensures his business is both customer and culture-centric.

We’ve always believed in surrounding ourselves with people who achieved what we’d like to achieve. Joels talks about how important it is to surround yourself with the right people.

Joel shares what keeps him awake at night...

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