Ep 29. Andrew Tucker CEO of ITonCloud

Andrew Tucker CEO of ITonCloud



Andrew Tucker is the CEO of ITonCloud which helps businesses simplify and automate their IT systems by leveraging the cloud. Andrew has more than 20 years of experience as a successful business owner and passionate entrepreneur. His goal has always been to build and drive ventures to deliver unmatched service levels, customer value and trust.

Listen in for some gold nuggets from Andrew on how to ensure your business remains sustainable is a rapidly changing market landscape.

In our interview we delve into:

How technology is advancing rapidly and how it allows all size businesses (big or small) to tap into the same resources. Cloud-based technologies provide many benefits to businesses – flexibility with a mobile workforce being one the main benefits. Andrew shares with us the key advantages client see.

We live in a face paced world, where business is evolving rapidly and staying relevant is integral to ensure your business is sustainable. Business can’t afford to be complacent or business as usual. Andrew shares how he ensures the company stay ahead of the game and continue to remain relevant.

Andrew believes that when a business becomes greedy and overly profit focused, things start to derail. Caroline could not agree more. In an industry like IT which is growing increasingly competitive, Andrew shares how he ensures the business is not only focused on profit.

Caroline believes being customer-centric is a fundamental element in business, however, in today’s digital economy businesses can shift focus away from the customer. Andrew tells us how ITonCloud put the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Andrew's R&D approach has dramatically aided in ITonCloud’s success. Andrew committed $3.5 million to R&D over the past 3 years to ensure the company is challenging the status quo and being innovative.

Empowering staff is such an essential part of Andrew's leadership style. He shares his tips with us on how to empower staff resulting in high performing teams.

Andrews gives his staff an enormous amount of freedom and KPIs are based on doing things smarter. Andrew developed an entrepreneurial model within the business and wanted his team to challenge the status quo. He gets to know what makes his staff tick by making an effort to get to know them.

Listen-in there are plenty of gold nuggets in this interview with Andrew.

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