How to Plan for Growth in Business.

How To Plan for Growth in Business

As an experienced CEO who has managed multi-national businesses, I believe one fundamental rule; there is no success without planning and execution. To accelerate growth, business owners must make time to plan for growth in business and work “ON” their business rather than “IN” their business.

I firmly believe that what is measured improves!

I worked in many industries, one of which was the building industry and a common phrase I use when it comes to planning is ‘you wouldn’t build a house without a plan’ so why would you build a business without a plan?

I'm sure you can imagine the disasters that could happen if you were to build a house without any idea of what the plan looked like, business is no different.

Once you’ve worked out what you want to achieve, the goals for the future, now plan exactly how you’re going to get there. Break it down into milestones and bit size pieces. Ensure you celebrate the milestone, the small wins and successes; it’s about the journey as much as the destination.

Listen in to this video to find out what the plan should include, and how important it is to develop an effective review process.

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