90 Minute Strategic Planning Session

AUD$299.00 ex GST

The 90 Minute Strategic Planning Session helps you get clarity around your long term and short teams goals, plus the activity required to make them a reality.



Session Includes

Vision, Purpose, Brand Values & Promise.

Review of your business’s vision, purpose brand values and brand promise, to ensure that it aligns with your goals. Do you live your values, does your product or service live up to your values and brand promise?

Insights And Innovation

Review trends at a high level and how they may impact your industry and business. With the significant changes in the market over the years. From the evolution of technology, markets, consumers buying patterns, product, distribution, and communication channels. We’ll review your relevance to the market.


Conduct an analyse of the core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business. Specifically focusing on the fundamental elements that have led to your success to date. The improvements that can be gained from weaknesses. And the opportunities to facilitate growth.

Outrageous Massive Goal.

Gain clarity around your Outrageous Massive Goal. The OMG is a statement of strategic intent. It outlines the result and goals of your business over the long term. It’s the dream bigger goal, the aspirations for your business.

Your Team

Ensure all departments and team members are moving together to achieve your business goals. We’ll consider the performance of each team member. To ensure their contribution is clear and aligned with your goals.

Success Roadmap

We develop the stretch targets and goals for your business. These are your long-term objectives that take years to achieve. We determine your stretch goals initially. These stretch goals will influence and assist in defining your intermediate and immediate goals and targets.

Action & Implementation

We’ll establish the – WHO, is doing WHAT, & WHEN? Showing you the big picture. Identifying the missing pieces. Which helps you connect the pieces into an action plan for successful implementation.


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