5 Skills that Make You a Stand Out Leader

Stand Out Leader

Do You Want To Be A Stand Out Leader? 

When others hear your name, what do they think, and say, about you? What are you known for?

Not all notoriety is good, but if you are going to be known for something, make certain your reputation opens doors for you and gives you and your organisation greater access to better opportunities.

To be an effective leader, you must stand out. Not to mention, standing out makes it easier to convince others to support your position and help you reach your goals. When you're a top CEO, it's easier to attract top talent and convince them to join you and your organisation. In fact, others want the opportunity to work with you and learn from you.

To stand out, you need to focus on your personal development.

Many skills help you stand out as a CEO, and these five are critical.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

To accomplish your goals, you will need help, and your level of emotional intelligence affects your ability to influence and persuade others. When you have a high E.Q., you have insight into your own emotions and feelings as well as the emotions and feelings of others. You also have a greater capacity to control your feelings and responses. For instance, this knowledge makes it easier to have empathy for others, and assists in building rapport, and developing good relationships with others.

  1. Honesty and Authenticity

If you want others to follow you, they must first trust you to lead them. In fact, it's very obvious when the leadership of an organisation is dishonest and inauthentic, it affects the company's culture and leads to a decrease in morale and engagement.

Not only is turnover high, most processes are inefficient because workers don't trust what they are told, affecting their performance, and, eventually customer satisfaction as well.

As a leader, you must be honest and stand by your word, and, take steps to make certain that your actions and policies match your speech.

  1. Identifying Trends

True leaders have always been able to spot and run with emerging trends. The 2017 Global CEO Survey shows this to be more complicated in today’s world. CEO’s will need skills to help them manage everything from technology to “a multigenerational workforce.” Importantly, CEOs have to be capable of developing a people and technology strategy that equips the workforce for fast-paced technological change.

  1. Forward Thinking

In addition to being able to spot emerging trends, the most effective leaders are forward thinkers. In fact, they are constantly preparing for a future that no one, not even themselves, can fully see, yet. They experiment with new ways of thinking and doing things. They take risks. Most notably, they make mistakes and learn from them, laying the ground work for future improvements and greater success.

Taking a chance on a new idea, a new process, a new product is what leads to innovation and gives organisations an edge over their competition. Feeling confident enough to take risks requires courage. Unless you are brave, and dare to push forward, both you and your company cannot grow.

  1. Determination

Being a leader is tough, even when everything seems to be moving forward and operating smoothly. Eventually, you will hit proverbial bumps in the road. Hardships that threaten to derail your vision and threaten the very survival of your company. To be able to survive tough times you must be tenacious and keep pushing forward.

Without willpower and determination, you will be unable to inspire either yourself or your team keep giving their best effort. Importantly, determination is about having unshakable belief in yourself, your skills and abilities and your vision to be able to continue to persevere towards your goals, no matter the difficulty.

How comfortable do you feel about your level of ability in these 5 skill areas? Does your expertise allow you to wow others with your actions and results, or is something missing?

To sum up, the best thing about leadership is that it is possible to acquire and further develop every skill that is needed to become a great CEO and create results that help you stand out and get noticed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you raise the bar on your performance by helping you perfect these and other critical leadership skills.

We have spent many years helping businesses grow, innovate and turn challenges into opportunities. Now you can have access to an experienced CEO mentor, without the full-time expense.

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