7 Step Strategic Mapping & Planning Checklist for Building Your Thriving Business

7 Step Strategic Planning Framework

A step by step checklist for the 7 Steps of Strategic Mapping & Planning for business growth.

Our Strategic Mapping & Planning checklist will assist you in prioritising your goals to ensure you are working toward achieving them This system works and is guaranteed to save you time.

being able to have a clear plan of action in place so you have clarity, and you're excited and accountable for it. Will ensure your goals are achieved.

Focus allows you to make progress, to be effective in your work

With focus, you have direction and you can monitor progress to ensure your business is profitable.

Make the time for what is important, and what will help you reach your goals.

By focusing on your goals and strategy, you'll be working smarter, rather than harder.

7 Step Strategic Mapping & Planning Checklist

Are you confused about where to start, where to focus your time? Would you like a clear plan in place to provide you with direction and clarity on the goals you would like to achieve?

Caroline Kennedy Business Coach

We hear people say that they are sick and tired of working long hours. They are not spending time with their family, and the money they make is not worth the sacrifice. What we have seen is, if they don’t make the shift and continue to do it all alone, then within three years, they end up burned out, with no money and no asset to sell.

We created this strategic goal worksheet to help you become more focused on your business's performance. Setting clear immediate priorities, goals and targets. Once your've defined your goals and targets; you can map out your strategy, the projected effect, any critical assumptions and the expected outcome.

Once you're clear on your goal and priorities, you then monitor and measure performance with your scorecard.

Our founder Caroline Kennedy, is an accomplished CEO, business founder, speaker, author and business coach. She has been formally recognised twice by the Telstra Business Women’s Awards for her achievements in business.

Caroline has had the great pleasure of working with many leading organisations around the world. Caroline is passionate about helping businesses succeed; her strength is achieving transformational change, through driving a strong vision and strategy, which delivers outcomes for businesses in a variety of industries.

This strategic planning worksheet was developed to provide you with a tool to assist with setting your short terms strategic goals and priorities.

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"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

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7 Step Strategic Mapping & Planning Checklist

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